Rare Mountain Gorillas shot dead by rebel fighters

The political turmoil in the Democratic Republic of Congo has proved to be fatal for more than the people of this war torn country. The Congo is home to Virunga National Park, which is supposed to be a safe haven for 340 of the remaining 700 Mountain Gorillas on Earth (the other 360 residing in the Bwindi National Park, Uganda).

After fresh civil clashes in July, rebel troops seized half the park and proceeded to shoot and kill 4 of these precious animals for sale on the bushmeat market.

This incident is devastating after the same occured only afew months earlier when rebels shot a further 3 adults, now bringing the total to 7 dead in 7 months. The park rangers are also worried for the remaining Gorilla population, as as the moment they are only able to track a small fraction of the population, leaving the remainder extremely vulnerable to poachers.

The bushmeat trade in the Congo is currently prevalent and unstable, and could cause irreversible population damage to this rare and beautiful species if it carries on at such a rate. The Diane Fossey Fund International has come to the Gorilla’s Aid, and is directing significant resources towards their protection.


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