7 Ways to Save the Gorillas

Fellow blogger, Gavin Hudson at Green Options, has posted an interesting and relevant article, listing 7 things that can be done by us, and others, to help save the critically endangered Western Gorillas. He lists:

1. Don’t Buy Bushmeat!
Alert anyone you know who is traveling or lives in Africa to the dangers and consequences.

2. Do Buy Other African Goods
Part of the bushmeat problem is that it is a good source of income for poor communities. Subsidise this by purchasing other exports.

3. Host a ‘Save Gorillas’ Fundraiser

Gavin mentions a film night, but you could apply this to pretty much any event you wanted. There are plenty of worthwhile organisations you could donate the money to, such as the Diane Fossey Fund, who will ensure it goes straight to the cause.

4. Volunteer abroad
Communities and wildlife are in dire need of outside help, and what better way than to get involved in a project yourself? You will get to meet the African people and experience a totally new and exciting culture whilst contributing in the most worthwhile way. For relevant organisations you can check out our links.

5. Donate to Heifer International
This is an organisation that helps farmer and provides them with the tools, support and knowledge to make the most out of their herd. This will increase both their harvest of meat, milk, crops, and their income, thus subsidising the need for bushmeat.

6. Push Timber Companies to Follow the Law
Logging is such a massive problem in relation to bushmeat and the deprecation of biodiversity. If the illegal companies can be forced to halt business, it would be a huge relief for both wildlife and the environment. The best way you can contribute to this is to check all your daily purchases carefully, and find an alternative if they contain Palm Oil or any derivative.

7. Spread the Word!
Word of mouth is the most effective form of communication, so send these links to all your friends and colleagues. Even if it only influences one person, you’ve made a small difference.

Via. GreenOptions


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