No Quick Fix

The BCTF (Bushmeat Crisis Task Force) has released a story by African reporter Cole Mallard regarding the alternatives to bushmeat for the African community.

As the dependency on poaching is driven by the need for food and a thirst for a higher income, choosing other viable, sustainable sources could curb this wildlife catastrophe. He cites alternatives such as; growing crops, raising domestics animals such as Cattle and Goats, and creating wildgame ranches for tourists to sustain the economy damage from dropping visitors to wildlife parks.

These are nice ideas and sound initially like a very simple solution, however, are these things not already in operation within communities? Do farmers not already grow crops and raise animals? Do we not already have wildlife tourist attractions in the form of conservation parks? These have not attracted away from people poaching for one simple reason – bushmeat has become a commercial trade, not a need. People CHOOSE it for it apparent ‘powers’ and status; much like buying caviar is to the western world.

Mallard also suggests a review on Wildlife policies and changing outdated laws on hunting practices. There is, however a huge buffer to this – the laws have never made a difference, as they have never truly been enforces. A large majority of the government officials, police and statesmen are corrupt when it comes to Bushmeat, as they blindly uphold their traditions and are not educated enough to see the long term pitfalls. Until this problem is tackled, every other attempt will be in vain.

+ VOA NEWS: Solutions to Problems [26 Sept]


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