Malaysian Government to Export Macaques

The Malaysian Government has lifted the 23 year ban on capturing and exporting their native primates the Long-Tailed Macaque.

The reason they have given for this decision is that they have become too bothersome in civilised, built-up areas, and a lot of resort and restaurant managers have admitted to shooting them when they become a menace. However, these ‘civilised’ areas in question have been built upon or within the Macaques natural habitat. As these species are considered opportunistic feeders, they will forage anywhere and become accustomed to human contact very quickly.

The Malaysian Government has said they have no intention of taking the population below sustainability, however they will not release any figures on how many Macaques they intend to capture and export, or how they will prevent the wild forest-living populations from being affected or targeted. It is likely most of them will end up in laboratories or on dinner plates.

[03.10.07] Sydney Morning Herald


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