GREENPEACE Report on the Goldigging Government


Greenpeace has released a damning statement, uncovering the alarming destruction of Indonesia’s rainforest. Between 2000 and 2005, an area the size of 300 football pitches was razed by logging EVERY HOUR, amounting to the highest rate of forest destruction ever witnessed. This carries on unchecked.

Greenpeace has urged the country’s government to put a stop to this immediately, and commit to a conservation plan to save the beautiful habitat and biodiversity by converting peatland forest and achieving a cut in fires.

However, the Indonesian government is retaliating by demanding a compensatory payout for the economic loss this will cause. They are currently charging $5-20 per hectare, therefore with 91,054,270 hectares left, that would amount to a payout of $455,271,350 – $1,821,085,400 (that’s $1.8 BILLION)!

I am not sure where the Indonesian government thinks this money would come from, or who the responsible body is that should be paying out to them, but frankly I find this demand ridiculous. Before they start asking for outright payments should they not consider sustainability plans? Ways to set up economically and environmentally viable outputs? They obviously have swathes of empty, unused land that could easily be converted, DESPITE the fact that Indonesia has had a ‘Government ban’ in place against “burning forest to clear land for plantations” since 1995. Ironic to say the least.


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