Nobel Peace Prize a Winner?


Questions have been asked about the validity of awarding the Novel Peace prize to Al Gore for work on climate change. The Prize is supposed to represent significant labour for ‘fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding of peace congresses’.

Among the skeptics was Czech President Vaclav Kraus (who poignantly believes climate change to be a ‘green scare’), however many have come in support of the decision, including top scientists, with the following explanations:

  • There is an unmistakable link between carbon pollution and future bloodshed, being that it could have a huge impact on peoples access to resources of food and clean water, causing civil disputes and very possibly raising the risk of conflict between nations.
  • Hoards of people could become environmental refugees, their communities and countries decimated by resource drought and natural disasters. Where would they go? And what impact would that have on the already diminishing resources of other countries?
  • This could spawn a host of security and economical threats, both nationally and internationally.
    [14.10.07] Terra Daily


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