WWF Promotes Flagship Species

World Wildlife Fund Species Program Leader, Tammi Matson, has released a statement regarding the decreasing biodiversity and extinction threat to species worldwide.

The problem of species extinction is so enormous, it’s quite overwhelming at times. Worldwide, there are thousands of species threatened. The reality is that so many animal species are in such terrible trouble that we cannot save everything. The truth is that some species just won’t adapt to the speedily changing climate. It’s pretty grim. And so the WWF works on some of these problems. We have to focus on what we can achieve.

The organisation does this by targeting species that have a real chance, and that are of high importance to the habitat or ecology of the area. These are called ‘flagship’ species because they act as front runners to show what has to and needs to be done for other species in extreme situations alike.

“Habitat loss is the ultimate driver of species decline around the world,” she says. “We want to see governments committing to protecting more habitat land for animal species. In Australia, only 11 per cent of land is protected. Austria has allocated 37 per cent and Ireland has 2 per cent protected. This is a start but there’s still a heck of a long way to go.”

[14.10.07] Herald Sun, Australia


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