Mountain Gorilla Tourism is Growing

Uganda’s Wildlife Authority has said it is going to start exposing two more groups of Mountain Gorillas to tourists at it’s lucrative National Park.

Tourists pay up to $500, plus safari lodging costs, to see these endangered animals, however they have months, sometimes years to customize them to human contact, and Rangers have to spend a little more time every day getting closer and closer to them to ensure they do not lash out or run away at the sight of strangers.

The 4 groups that have been habituated contain 6-7 individuals each, ensuring production of a viable, much needed income for the park at this crucial time for the species. However each group can only receive 8 tourists per day before it begins to effect their natural habitat and behaviour too much. The extra money will be used for conservation in the community projects, and better park enforcement.

[08.10.07] Reuters: More mountain gorillas for tourists


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