Retail Responsibly for Orangutans

Experts at Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, have called on us all to recognise the plight of the rare and diminishing species, the Orangutan. In a conference held on Thursday, Cheryl Knott, a leading Orangutan expert on a project at Harvard University, explained how something as simple as buying the right brands can truly make a big difference.

The main threat to the Orangutan species is the loss of habitat in their only native countries of Burma and Sumatra, Indonesia. A report earlier this year from the United Nations’ Environment Programme [UNEP] said Indonesia’s forest habitat for orangutans may be gone by 2022 without intervention. Boycotting retail products that source Palm Oil from an unsustainable source, can cut down on the massive rainforest loss.


  • Read the labels of your grocery and toiletry shopping, choose brands that either do not use Palm Oil at all, or use a sustainable source.
  • Do not buy any wood materials from an uncertified tropical hardwood – it will have come from an illegal logging site. Anything from toothpicks to furniture…..
  • Next time you pass a charity box at a zoo or otherwise aimed at underfunded conservation efforts – drop £1 in. If we all made a small contribution the difference would be huge.

Not only are the trees destroyed, but the mothers killed and the babies taken away to be sold as illegal pets, forcing them into a new life of captivity and misery. Please do a little something to help – a little change for you could make a massive change for them.


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  1. The first 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil will hopefully enter the pipelines by the end of this year. Then consumers can look out for a label that says 100% CSPO and this will be the best indication that the product has not contributed to orangutan habitat destruction.
    Please write to your favourite retailers and manufacturers and ask them to join the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and to source only 100% CSPO or a sustainable alternative.
    Michelle Desilets
    Director, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK

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