FONG Illustrations for Prime Concern

Prime Concern would like to thank Graphic Designer Peter Fong for his design for the Prime Concern blog header.

Fong, 25 graduated from Bowling Green State University and is now working as a designer at an advertising agency in downtown Cleveland. His animal and primate illustrations are just wonderful. Thanks Peter.


Primate’s Closest Relative Identified

New research has suggested that a rare mammal called a colugo is the closest genetic relative of all primates, including humans. Over the past decade, several candidates for the closest mammalian relative to primates have been suggested, including the small tree shrews of Asia and the colugos – sometimes called flying lemurs.

By using new molecular and genomic data, gathered by a team from Penn State University, it has been shown that the colugos are the closest surviving relative of all primates.”

[15.11.07] IAR Global News