Primate Behaviour and Conservation Field Course in Costa Rica

The State University of New York and East Stroudsburg University are running Primate Behaviour and Conservation Field Courses in their research centre in North-East Costa Rica. The course is aimed at undergraduates or early level graduates who have little or no experience in the field, and 3 separate courses are being run over Winter and Summer.

The field station is set over 1000 hectares of lush rainforest, and the wildlife you will see and study includes white-faced capuchins, mantled howling monkeys, black-handed spider monkeys, tapir, jaguar, collared peccary, keel-billed toucans, great green macaws, brown caimans just to name a few. During your time there you will learn field techniques that can be used in tropical research in areas of ecology, behaviour and conservation.

To find out more about this amazing opportunity, please contact Kimberely Dingess on, or read more at Primate-Jobs.


Amazon River Trip 2008


The World Wildlife Federation is offering the trip of a lifetime through the Amazon Rainforest between 7th-16th March 2008. You will sail down the river through the rainforest, on your way encountering many beautiful and rare species such as dolphins, monkeys, macaws, butterflies and frogs. There is no work involved, and it is simply a chance for you to be guided through the unexplored Amazon and watch the wildlife bustling around you in its natural and diverse environment.

The whole trip costs $3698, or £1805, and all travel, accommodation and activities are planned out for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy the view! Its a great holiday, with a BIG difference.

+ WWF: Amazon River Trip

VOLUNTEERS: Conservation and Culture in the Amazon

Volunteer Latin America are looking for new volunteers to work on Conservation and Culture in the Amazon.

Situated on the equator, Ecuador is the smallest country in the Andean Highlands. Despite its size it is probably the world’s most bio-diverse country, crammed with an astounding variety of flora and fauna. Combined with its beautiful colonial architecture, magnificent panoramic scenery, vibrant indigenous groups and welcoming people it is one of the most enticing and rewarding countries to visit in South America.

This project is for people who want to actively engage in community development and conservation, experience the Amazon, and learn about the language and culture of indigenous communities. Volunteers can participate in a series of ongoing projects that include traditional farming, construction, trail creation, reforestation, nursery work, and other conservation/community activities. For more information visit

Thailand Research Opportunity

Stony Brook University in New York are offering a fantastic opportunity to join a research project in the Phu Kieo Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand.

As a Field Assistant, you will be studying the Behavioural Ecology of the Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, including socio-ecological models of group life, ecology of female social relationships, and sexual strategies. Basic accommodation will be arranged for you in the sanctuary, but most of your work will be conducted in the field and you must be prepared for elephants, bears, big cats, wild dogs and plenty of leeches, insects and spiders! Continue reading