GAFI Films for Conservation Education

Whilst browsing Primate awareness charities the other day, pondering inventive fundraising ideas, I came across the GAFI Initiative. It caught my eye due to the fact it was promoting conservation through the medium of film, which I found beautifully simple in itself. However after reading further, I found they actually run film courses for people of any ability or experience to learn the basics that would enable them to make their own nature or conservation film. I love the potential ripple effect this could have – teaching budding conservationists/filmakers the skills they need to produce what their creative minds crave, all for a common cause. Not only this,but GAFI work in collaboration with GRASP and Filmakers for Conservation to screen their films to the communities that live in and around areas of conservation or endangered species. Providing education to these people is paramount in the ongoing progress of conservation projects, and GAFI is doing an excellent job of using simple modern media to do this.


London: MSc Evolutionary Psychology

Brunel University have recently informed me of an exciting postgraduate course they are running, providing an exciting opportunity for advanced study in Evolutionary Psychology.

In very basic terms, Evolutionary Psychology, is the study of how evolution has shaped mind and behaviour, and in this instance it is very relevant to look at the broader view inclusive of species that share common ancestry, for example humans and primates. The course is running at Brunel University London, taught in association with the Centre for Culture and Evolutionary Psychology (CCEP), and the Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging (CCNI).

For more information contact Nicholas Pound by email ( or read more about the course from The Evolution & Behaviour Group at Brunel University.

The Jane Goodall Institute


Founded by the famous Primatologist, The Jane Goodall Institute reaches and contributes to many areas including ongoing educational projects, endangered animal sanctuaries, and African community projects. Continue reading