AOP Palm Oil Facebook Thread

I came across a discussion thread on the Australian Orangutan Project‘s Facebook group set up by the general public for the general public.  It is basically a great pool of knowledge from people who are trying to shop more consciously when it comes to Palm Oil. It contains; lists of products that are Palm Oil free, websites that sell products that are Palm Oil free/use sustainable Palm Oil, correspondance with big companies about their use of unsustainable Palm Oil, and Palm-Oil-shopping tips! I love it as although you have to trawl though the posts, there’s loads of stuff I didn’t know on there that can help me do my bit. So what are you waiting for….. do your bit too!


Calling all Facebookers to Change The Present!

I received an email from Robert Tolmach at WellGood LLC, regarding a new application called ChangingThePresent being used on Facebook, that could help everyone make a difference.

Facebookers reportedly spend millions a year sending £1 or $1 gifts to their friends – e.g. a picture of a birthday cake or a balloon etc. This non-profit organisation has been set up to allow you to actually make a donation to a good cause whilst sending these tokens! ChangingThePresent offers more than a thousand inspiring gifts cover hundreds of leading non-profits, allowing you many options, including preserving an acre of rainforest, providing a child with her first book or funding an hour of cancer research.

It’s such a great way to make your own little contribution whilst in the routine of your every day life. Please search for ChangingThePresent on Facebook, it’s easy to download and works exactly like a normal application.

Facebook: Changing The Present