Bolivian Circus Baboon!

A Baboon that was rescued from awful conditions in a Bolvian Circus has been shipped over to the UK to live out its old age in a Berkshire monkey sanctuary. The Bolivian government handed over Tilin, an 18-year-old Hamadryas baboon, after a campaign by Animal Defenders International (ADI). The Bolivian Government banned the use of domestic and wild animals in circuses in April, so cases are still frequently being found across the country, although this is a good sign that the law is being successfully enforced. Up until he was rescued, Tilin lived a solitary life chained up most of the time, and performing for crowds for the rest. No life for a beautiful wild animal. Hopefully he will be able to regain something close to normality with other primate species around him in a comfortable environment.

Read More about Tilin on the BBC’s website


Baby Bonobo Rescued

A new born baby Bonobo was rescued from poachers in a particularly troublesome spot in the Congo. BOTH parents had been killed for bushmeat, and they were trying to sell the baby as a pet.

Bonobo’s are only found in one part of the Congo – NOWHERE else in the world. They have become so rare that one scientist, who recently attempted to track them, reported not seeing any during the whole period of their trek. Bonobo’s are our closest living relatives, even closer than Chimpanzees. They may soon be out of reach.