Tiny Bundle of Marmoset Joy at London Zoo

The Zoological Society of London [ZSL] is celebrating the birth of a new baby black-tailed marmoset – the very first of it’s kind in a Zoo! Only a few weeks old, the Marmoset only measures 12cm long. The keepers have kept well away to prevent upsetting the parents, so are yet to find out whether it is male or female.

Native to South America, Marmosets feed on insects and plants, and have characteristic curved claws which allow them to swing easily from tree to tree in the wild. If you wish to see this little bundle of joy, please wander on down to the New World Monkey enclosures at London Zoo.


RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint


Reptiles are up, wild birds are down, chickens are getting better but monkeys aren’t moving, according to a ground-breaking report from the RSPCA published Monday.

The charity’s second annual statistical look at animal welfare in the UK, taking in wildlife to farming, research animals to pets, highlights several stories including: Continue reading

Tribute to World Zoo Legend, Molly Badham


Molly Badham, the inspired animal lover who co-founded Twycross Zoo and turned it into one of Britain’s best-loved attractions, has died.

Molly Badham was a surrogate mum, with a big difference. For over 40 years Molly played mother to baby chimps in Twycross Zoo. 40 years after opening and Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire is still going strong.

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Chimp Gunned Down in Ape Escape

Chimpanzee’s Jonnie and Coco broke out of their compound Friday at the Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, UK. The Zoological Society of London said Coco was recaptured, but Jonnie could not immediately be caught and had to be killed.

Jonnie was still in the zoo at the time he was shot, but officials declined to say how long he’d been free, saying an investigation was pending. “It’s just standard procedure, if the animal cannot be quickly and safely recaptured it will be shot,” ZSL spokeswoman Alice Henchley said. When asked why the chimps weren’t shot with a tranquilizer gun or in another non-lethal manner, a zoo spokeswoman said that under their procedures, they have to shoot to kill when they have an animal who might be of danger to the public.

“We can’t be sure with a tranquilizer,” said the spokeswoman for the zoo who spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with the organization’s policy. “It doesn’t work quickly enough.”

[01.10.07] CNN: Chimp gunned down in ape escape

Frontier Open Days in London

Frontier are the UK’s number one conservation and development non-profit organisation, described as the first choice for volunteering abroad platforms.

Frontier run open days in Northeast London, to allow anyone to find out all about the organisation, their projects, to meet some Frontier staff, and to ask questions. The presentations are held twice a month in their Old Street office, and are an excellent opportunity to learn and to see some spectacular photos of previous and ongoing projects. There are plenty of remaining 2007 dates, running through until December 15th, so do check the Frontier website for all event details.