Greenpeace International has teamed up with 350.org, 10:10 and other worthwhile organisations to host a Global Work Party on 10/10/10. It’s an international initiative, and already has many events organised in every continent. The thrust of the day is basically to bring individuals within a community together for “the biggest single day of action against climate change the world has ever seen.” Anyone can organise an event in any area, all you have to do is advertise it on the Greenpeace website and get planning! Current activities range from; swap shops, a vegan banquet, unplugged gigs, fitting solar panels, workshops, and film screenings. There’s sure to be something near you, but if not, why not try your hand at planning your own? It doesn’t have to be a big event, or raise money, just awareness. Sunday October 10th 2010 is going to be a fantastic opportunity to  for everyone who thinks we should be doing something about climate change to have fun whilst getting involved in the cause, and maybe even learning something new!

I look forward to seeing some of you locals at events in London. And whatever you do, enjoy yourself!

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