Wildlife Pays the Price for Myanmar Chinese Demand


The remaining wild elephants, tigers and bears in Myanmar’s forests are being hunted down slowly and sold to China. Nestled in hills in a rebel-controlled enclave on the Chinese border, the “Las Vegas in the jungle” casino town is clearly branching out from narcotics and prostitution into the illegal wildlife business. Besides row upon row of fruit, vegetables and cheap plastic sandals, the market offers a grisly array of animal parts, as well as many live specimens, to the hundreds of Chinese tourists who flock across the border each day. Continue reading


An Exotic Pet Trade

International Animal Rescue [IAR] have released a new factsheet, concerning the number of exotic animals captured and exported in the illegal pet trade.

The trade in wild animals as pets causes suffering to millions of animals, disrupts ecosystems and drives species to extinction. The trade also provides a route for disease transmission, which poses a risk to human and animal health. Continue reading

RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint


Reptiles are up, wild birds are down, chickens are getting better but monkeys aren’t moving, according to a ground-breaking report from the RSPCA published Monday.

The charity’s second annual statistical look at animal welfare in the UK, taking in wildlife to farming, research animals to pets, highlights several stories including: Continue reading